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by Lawrence A Kotlow, DDS


A Memoir from Seinfeld's Uncle Leo

by Len Lesser and Tama Ryder


Re-establishing the Micropolis

by Vincent DeSantis


Journals of Amelia F.W. Caruso (1989-2009)

by Melissa M. Weiksnar

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Book Two - Adirondack Trilogy

by Tony Holtzman


A Photo Essay by Mary Kate Jordan


by Mary Kellogg



A Novel by Lawrence S. Wittner


A Family Chronicle

by Martha Tuck Rozett


by Edward A. Chevrette, Jr.


A High School Teacher's Final-Year Journal, Anecdotes & Observations

by Rick Pepe


After the Trauma the Battle Begins: Post Trauma Healing

by Nigel W. D. Mumford


Stories by Barbara Wood


by Judith Barnes, Ph.D. and Erick James
Illustrated by Jeff Grader

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